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We simply love designers and their designs. And we love the stories behind those ideas. That is why BijzonderMOOI* is telling you them, so that you know which design suits you best. Come to us for Dutch design: affordable, distinctive, original and suitable for everyday use.
And we know what we’re talking about because we have been in the business since 2006, the year in which Sandra Jacobs founded BijzonderMOOI*. As a graphic designer – and resident of the design city Eindhoven – Sandra had always had a taste for beautiful design.  With her company, she wanted to show and sell these designs to a wide public. BijzonderMOOI* has since become an established name and has grown from a one-man business to an entire team working every day to bring you the best in design. Despite this growth, Sandra is still involved personally with discovering and attracting emerging design talent.
The BijzonderMOOI* team is fully up to date with the latest trends, the newest interior design magazines and the most talked-about blogs.  It is important to us that we develop and explore possibilities in the market. At BijzonderMOOI*, you can be the first to discover what is new. Because we keep our eyes and ears open, not to mention the special relationship we have with the designers. Working together with them is our principle.
But as well as new talent, our collection also includes products by established names, giving you the opportunity to combine the two and so create your very own, unique style. After all, it is your story. A story you can create at any moment you choose. With BijzonderMOOI*, 24/7.
Let's get personal
Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Sandra from BijzonderMOOI* at Bloesem.blogs Read all about it here The beautiful images are made by A magazine-like-shop called StyleCookie.

BijzonderMOOI* in the media
We are proud to find that many of our new and existing products are being noticed by the media. If you would like to use any of our pictures please do not hesitate to contact us at:
Our goal is to send you the requested pictures and all relevant product information on the day of your request. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Partner program
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