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Bottle boat

Once Floris Hovers went camping next to a little river. With some garbage: a plastic bottle, a plastic bag and some twigs he made a little boat. He let it float away on the river and the next moment it had become the favourite toy of the day of two little boys.
In the meantime Floris has become father of two little girls that love to spatter with empty shampoo bottles when bathing - this image merged with his camping memories and the bottle boat was born. You have to take care of the empty shampoo bottle yourself!
Contains: 1 elastic, 1 sail, 1 pole, 2 pieces of wood.
Colour: sail is available in the colors orange, white, blue or red

Designer:Floris Hovers

Weight: 0,00 g
Delivery time: 24-48 hours
Price: €11,50


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Customer Reviews

Author: Mirjam Fraipont
Het is echt een fantastisch cadeau! We hebben het nu aal 2 kinderen cadeau gedaan, een jongen en een meisje. Ze waren er helemaal blij mee!!