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Lungo Watering Can Blue

A coffee pot and a watering can have a lot in common: both fulfill more or less the same function and both have the same parts (container, handle, spout). Davy Grosemans applies the formal and stylistic aspects of the coffee pot to a watering can and creates a new and surprising product. By physically enlarging the whole (the can holds 12L of water), he creates a strange and yet funny image: the gardener who pours water to his plants with his oversized coffee pot…

The Lungo comes in 6 colours: pale green, deep blue, black, pink and the new colours yellow and white.

Dimensions: ∅ 26 cm x H 43 cm
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 12 Litres
Colour: blue

Brand category: Xala

Delivery time: 24-48 hours
Price: €24,95 €19,95


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