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NewspaperWood necklace 30 mm

NewspaperWood jewelry by rENs Stories from one newspaper, one day, processed into one material. Embedded in brass, a small part of the archive becomes wearable as jewellery. Taking a closer look, characters or sometimes even words appear!

rENs regards NewspaperWood as an archive made of characters, words, sentences and stories. The archiving, storage and filing of information is articulated in the design of their products as well as in the NewspaperWood material.

Design: rENs (Stefanie van Keijsteren & Renee Mennen)
ě 30 mm

ě 40 mm
ě 50 mm (woman on picture)
ě 70 mm
ě 110 mm (on the wall)

Material: NewspaperWood, brass and goldplated necklace.
The dimension and the date of the used newspaper are engraved in the brass.

Brand category: Ontwerplabel Vij5

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks
Price: €85,00


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